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Sue Pollard

Sue Pollard is one remarkable woman! She’s an author, adventurer, entrepreneur, parent and advocate for the underdog. With no college education and no funds to speak of, Sue opened and owned her own restaurant by the time she was 25. After that, she launched four companies, and out of 73,000 contestants, she was just one position short of a role on the TV show “Survivor”.  What was her response?  She challenged the network and the producer by writing a book about her experience which became a best seller.  Sue’s unstoppable energy has taken her to unlikely places which have given her a wealth and experience of knowledge. After becoming a network marketing distributor Sue became one of the top producers in a major national company within one year of joining. However that wasn’t good enough, Sue had a vision!  She wanted to help a lot more people so she decided to launch her own MLM company. Because she wanted to always help everyone, as the CEO of her company she was wearing thin. She rethought her original vision of wanting to help the masses who joined network marketing and sought a better way. This vision manifested into what is now MLM Power Sales™. Today Sue lives to empower and motivate people to be the best they can be and encourages them to live by her favorite quote… “NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!”…

Bob Bearden

After 20 years of living a dream playing music all over the country, Bob began seeking a more secure future for his family. Finding the Network Marketing and the Mortgage Industries at the same time was a real blessing. The hundreds of hours spent on personal development (introduced to him through network marketing) helped him to grow one of the largest mortgage companies in his area. In 2010, after two years of financial struggle from the 2008 financial crash in America, Bob joined Network Marketing full time. Now almost 7 years later, full time and still an active distributor today, Bob has remained in the top 1% of income earners in the industry. He has built organizations of thousands of people around the world helping families change their lives for the better! Through his own personal struggles and success, Bob has realized a deep passion of helping show others that there is a better way, and how to effectively help them create a better life!

Melanie Milletics

Melanie Milletics is a Global Network Marketing Expert and Holistic Health Advisor that has earned more than a Million dollars in what began as ‘Mom’s Little Home Based Business’. Committed to a better life for her family, Melanie began to study internet marketing in 2001 and used online strategies to generate leads for her Health and Wellness Network Marketing Business. Within a few short years she released her own information product, “MLM List Building Exposed” and became a consultant to the industry for those who sought to have a successful online Network Marketing Business. At the end of 2010 Melanie ceased coaching those outside of her team and focused on duplication and developing leaders – and quickly reached the pinnacle position of her company. By the end of 2014 Melanie had earned her way into the top .03% income earners in the world. Not bad for a hippie mom turned entrepreneur!

Scott Whitney

Scott graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in accounting and sales and marketing and spent 10 years in the hotel/restaurant business as an Executive Chef. He then spent the next 12 years as the owner of a janitorial service and a lawn and landscape business. Scott was introduced to MLM in 2009 and fell in love with the industry. In his very first company he built an organization of thousands of people, helping more than 26 families earn a six figure income, and in turn, Scott personally earned over a million dollars in just a few short years. Scott is a true believer in personal development and has personally spent countless hours working on himself. Scott has gone on to build very large and successful organizations and continues his passion for helping teach, train, and mentoring people all around the world!

John Haremza

John went from a blue collar worker, in debt, making $9.00 an hour with a high school education (sort of), with a severe learning disability, no business experience, no sales experience, no self-esteem or confidence and certainly no knowledge or understanding of network marketing, to having earned over 16 million dollars and writing a bestselling book “Right OR Almost Right”! After 27 years of being in this industry John is very passionate about teaching and mentoring people to success. He wants you to know, if he did it, so can YOU!

Lisa Lewis 

Just like many of you, Lisa Lewis always had aspirations of venturing out on her own with a goal of working from a place of passion while creating an income that would support the vision she had for her family.  When Lisa would close her eyes at night after a long day of 'busyness”, she would dream of travel and spending quality time with her family in a way that just wasn't possible in the chaotic life they found themselves living.  The vision was clear but the vehicle to get there had always been a challenge.  Lisa had done everything right.  Received good grades in school, had a college degree, worked up the corporate ladder, but now what?  How could a 40-something year old mom of three active kids, and working full time create the time to add "builder of dreams" in there?  Time was ticking.  Does this sound familiar?  
In early 2013, Lisa made a decision.  When she discovered this beautiful industry of linking arms with others that were working toward similar goals, it became clear that this was the way!   By becoming a student of the industry and pouring passion into her work, within 12 months Lisa had far surpassed the income provided by her full-time job plus what she was bringing in as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.  Today, Lisa continues her work in freeing others of physical and financial pain as she enjoys living her "vision board" life of only four years ago.  With her No Excuses mindset, Lisa has guided thousands in discovering what IS possible and she's excited to share these lessons with you!


M. D. Eger is a Success Coach, Motivational speaker, author and mentor. He went from, the tragedy of losing his parents and multiple family members at the tender age of ten, growing up as an orphan, experiencing multiple let downs, disappointments and heart-breaks, losing his career, homes, cars, and three children until finally he and his wife ended up broke, bankrupt and homeless, to now earning a seven figure income and living the American Dream. MD Eger has built organizations in the tens of thousands and has written the book “No Excuse for Failure”. Because of his experiences, and all of his breakthroughs, M. D. Eger is grateful to be able to teach, train, and motivate you to the very tip top of success!


An entrepreneur all his life, Kevin Marino had numerous businesses, including four restaurants, and a successful manufacturing and wholesale business. But in 2008, his world came crashing down around him with the real estate meltdown and an emotionally and financially draining divorce. Kevin was broke. Just to earn enough to eat and put gas in the car, Kevin refereed three high school sports teams. It was at that point his life took an interesting turn. He found Network Marketing. Almost a decade later Kevin has gone on to build huge organizations all around the world and earn millions of dollars along the way. Kevin has helped countless families change their lives forever. With a true desire to help people and lead by example, Kevin is honored to share with you all of the tips and strategies that have helped him on his journey to success!


Previous to network marketing, Dallas went to law school, earned an MBA, & had a successful Financial Services business while Rylee, had a prominent career in the corporate world.  When they met, they were both at rock bottom. The crash of the economy had devastated both of their lives. Dallas, a single father, had lost everything in 2009. Rylee, who was a single mother, was laid off from her position and was struggling to stay in her home and provide for her son. After just 7 years Dallas and Rylee have become multiple six figure earners and have broke many industry records becoming one of the top power couples in the industry. Now known as the HD couple, Dallas and Rylee have Co-founded, along with their partners, a very successful global network marketing organization called The HD Group. Their focus is to help people around the world live their lives in High Definition. To them, this means helping people learn how to become entrepreneurs and create their own financial independence while having time freedom, a healthy lifestyle, and an upgraded quality of life.

Matthew Sterling Fuller

Matthew is a born entrepreneur. He’s had business in his blood since an early age selling products to neighbors, family and friends as a kid. He is a figure it out kind of guy. Matthew once threw a lawn mower in a truck at 20 years old and started a business which evolved and grew into a successful construction company with several full time trucks and crews. In 2008 the economy collapse forced him to look for new opportunities to make money. He soon found network marketing and caught the bug. Learning closely from top industry leaders, Matthew soon built an organization of thousands of teammates. He dove into online marketing a few years later, adding new team building strategies to his multi level marketing company. This decision resulted in his most recent build in excess of 14k reps producing 4 million in sales and 1.9 million in commissions over just 18 months. Matthew is now very passionate about teaching and helping network marketers these simple online strategies that will help them to achieve success in today’s online world!

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